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You have found an important resource for recovering from any addiction.

You will find Thriving Beyond Addiction™ to be a useful, valuable, and easy to use guide for developing a strong foundation for your recovery.

The goal of Thriving Beyond Addiction™

A Complete User-Friendly Guide is to offer you facts, resources and wisdom in a user-friendly way. This information will help you to move out of your haze, through the recovery maze and onto better, happier, and days. The process will be stimulating, but your beliefs will affect whether the process will feel scary, sad and limited or happy, joyous, and free.

FREE: Please download a copy of the Thriving Beyond Addiction™: The White Paper and the MP3 of The White Paper which will introduce you to the book, the book’s style, and some useful content. It includes the Table of Contents, Introduction and Conclusion.

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