“In the complex and emotional topic such as recovering from an addiction, Tom Rohrer bring a fresh and simple approach in Thriving Beyond Addiction. I particularly enjoyed his nuggets of wisdom with his “Red Dot Reminders ” and “Recovering Intelligence” bullet points. Reading complex science or psychology jargon during recovery can be very confusing  and difficult to understand. Dr. Rohrer puts things in such a way that anyone searching for help will find hope. understanding and positive, practical advice in “Thriving Beyond Addiction.”

Clinical Director at Performance Chiropractic Center:

 Dr. Eric R. Belusa 



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You have found an important resource for recovering from any addiction. You will find Thriving Beyond Addiction™ to be a useful, valuable, and easy to use guide for developing a strong foundation for your recovery.

“Thriving Beyond Addiction™” A Complete User-Friendly Guide is the most accessible, valuable and easy to use guide available. It will:

  • Support you from the moment that you acknowledge that you do have an addiction issue, through every stage of recovery and onto long-term recovery.
  • Guide you, step-by-step offering you facts, resources and wisdom.
  • Help you build a strong foundation for successfully living in Your Recovering Future™  

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Wake Up and Thrive – Move beyond your addiction and become who and what you really want to be!