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Phases of Recovery

Phase Two: Intermediate Recovery

Intermediate recovery starts after the building of your foundation has begun and takes at least one to two years. The goal of Phase Two is to adjust to living in recovery and facing life on life’s terms, all while completing your foundation and becoming comfortable. This includes finishing all tasks, goals, and milestones; dealing with all current issues; and developing and using important tools and strategies.

During Phase Two, you’ll settle into your new recovery patterns, experiences, and relationships, and they will become familiar to you, even easy. But your past temptations are not that far behind you, and you must stay aware of this. Your concerns about maintaining a positive attitude, stability, and inner strength during early recovery gradually lessen and become only occasional concerns.

The quality of your program shapes the pace of your recovery.

Phase Three: Continuing Recovery

Phase Three, continuing recovery, will begin after you’ve built a solid, quality foundation; consistently dealt with immediate issues; started processing your deeper personal issues; and established a period (6 months minimum) of crisis-free, stable recovery. This will likely take at least one to three years beyond intermediate recovery to complete, extending through your fifth year of recovery. During this phase, childhood, adult, and other major life issues at your deeper core will begin to be fully explored, addressed, and hopefully (at least partially) resolved. These issues are ongoing, so don’t get discouraged! You have all the time you need to deal with them! Just do your best.

Let Go ~ Apologize ~ Forgive

You can move past your history,  live fully, & thrive in the present!

It's in Your HANDS: Have all needs deeply searched. Learn to keep a child-like curiosity.

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