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Professional Outpatient Treatment Programs

Professional Outpatient Treatment Programs

Professional Outpatient Treatment Programs (OPTs) are a good choice for people with a primary or secondary addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Professional outpatient treatment programs are good choices — this is especially true if you have no medical complications, it’s your first treatment, you must stay working, or if you want to stay close to home because of certain obligations.

Though most OPTs are centered around alcohol and drug addiction, with a bit of research, hopefully you can find a local OPT program that focuses on your addiction.

Professionally run outpatient programs, such as those that are 12-Step or self-help based, offer a treatment system and are educational and personal-growth oriented, giving you a chance to deal with the issues behind your addiction. Limited individual and family counseling is often included in these programs, offering you a basic foundation for recovery. Added counseling is often needed.

Intense Day Treatment: Sessions start in the morning and go through late afternoon, usually five to six days a week. They offer basically the same program that inpatient programs offer but for fewer hours a week and at a much lower cost, which varies widely.

Outpatient Treatment: Sessions last two to three hours each day, three to six times per week, for six months to a year. They usually include brief to long-term continuing support of up to several years and are primarily held in the evening. They provide much of the same program structure that inpatient programs offer, but over a longer period of time. Therefore, they are less intense and cost much less. Again, the cost ranges widely.

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Treatment Paths

Treatment Paths

Treatment is a term used when working with an experienced addiction recovery professional – individually or as part of a program. With quality support, your journey will be easier and quicker, and your results will likely be stronger, deeper, and last longer. Look for and use the resources in your community. No matter the resources available, if you are committed to your recovery, you can be successful.

Use trusted others to help clarify your best options!

Those in treatment are more likely to stop abusing, engage in personal growth activities, and develop a healthy, happy, and successful life. But many addicts try to recover on their own and fail. If you decline treatment, set goals and be very honest with yourself. Consistently and frequently re-evaluate your progress! If you fail, or even fall short, choose to go into some type of treatment.

Types of addiction treatment include:

  • Private work: Coach, counselor, or therapist
  • Individual and group
  • Inpatient: Professional (in or outside your area)
    • Hospital: Up to 28 days
    • Residential: 28 days, 3 months, or longer
  • Outpatient: Professional
    • Day treatment
    • Evening and weekend programs

Investigate different addiction treatment options until you are certain that you’ve found a workable one. Recovery options need to allow you to determine the pace and direction of your recovery. A careful evaluation with a competent, impartial mentor is a good approach. When you and your mentor have selected your best options, act immediately; do not wait for even an hour!

Your best approach is the one you'll accept and meets your needs.

If you believe that you do not need a hospital, residential setting, or even an outpatient program, consider starting with a less intense approach. First, try one session or more a week in a group, a self-help meeting, or with a professional.

Along the way, review your progress with the help of your mentor or professional support. It’s essential to accept more intensive treatment if you’re progressing poorly. Notice your mental-emotional signs of relapsing, such as negative attitudes, emotions, and behaviors. Ask your support group for feedback and for help if needed.

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