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A Brief Look into Deeper Focused Psychotherapy

Deeper Focused Psychotherapy

 Deeper Focused Psychotherapy

Insight, in general, focuses on identifying issues, especially unconscious conflicts, from your personal history. Deep psychotherapy is based on the belief that having knowledge of what is wrong (cause) and the means to fix it will result in a decision to fix it (effect). This is a big assumption. Though promoted often, insight gained through deep psychotherapy doesn’t always help treat an addiction. Some examples of deep psychotherapy:

Client Centered Therapy: A flexible, indirect method, which aids the client in finding their own solutions to their issues; widely adapted and used in many approaches.

Narrative Therapy: Therapeutic focus on the client’s dominant story; explores harmful perceptions you have and how they came about.

Psychoanalysis: A psycho-dynamic approach which raises your awareness of hidden conflicts from childhood, the root causes of feelings and expectations, and how they affect you today; examples include Ego Psychology and Jungian Psychology.

Transactional Analysis: Uses parent, child, and adult ego states to explain how we live out our childhood life script.

Other Approaches: There are many others, but again, too many to list here.

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