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Professional Recovery Coach

Professional recovery coaching is a new field where coaches attend private coaching programs and are certified by private coaching organizations, not the government. A professional recovery coach will focus on your goals and solutions, not on your history – how or why you became an addict. This may be a good option for addicts who have already been in more traditional therapy and have worked through their deeper issues, like those pertaining to childhood, family, and trauma. Professional recovery coaches can also be helpful to those who are in early stages of recovery and trying to focus on immediate goals.

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Wake Up & Thrive


Move beyond your addiction and become who and what you really want to be!

The Thriving Beyond Addiction ™ model encourages you to move past your substance or behavioral addiction(s) and onto living your best recovering life!

The goal of Thriving Beyond Addiction is to offer you facts, resources, and wisdom about recovery in a user-friendly way. This information will help you to move through the recovery maze and onto better days. The process will be stimulating. Your beliefs will affect whether your experience will feel scary, sad, and limited, or happy, joyous, and free. If you accept that what you’re leaving behind is a destructive addiction, you’ll be more likely to embrace recovery.

A Defining Moment

I’m assuming you’ve had your moment-of-truth and that you’ve accepted that you are an addict. Hopefully, your Defining Moment brought you the clarity that it was time to accept the challenge of recovery. If not, ask yourself, why not? You may need to take a deeper look at your addiction, motivations, or goals. Take the Addiction Evaluation. Explore your answers for their accuracy and then make a decision. Do you want to recover?

If you want to help a loved one who suffers with an addiction, educate yourself so that you can be helpful when they’re ready to change.


Breathe! – You’ll Be Okay

If you’re feeling down because you’re an addict and if in your mind you’re using words like “loser” or “stupid,” stop now. Give yourself a break! As Billy Joel sang in Second Wind, “You’re only human; you’re supposed to make mistakes.” The reality is that addiction is a human issue; many struggle with it to some degree. Among those who suffer from it, some struggle with addiction their whole life, while others are able to let go and embrace recovery.

It’s vital to know that you’re not responsible for your addiction, but you are responsible for your recovery. The family, genetic, nutritional, social, or spiritual issues that contributed to your addiction need to be managed, neutralized, or eliminated. You didn’t start out using alcohol, placing a bet or super-sizing your meal with the goal of becoming an addict. Yet, if you’ve had major life problems due to using and are not in recovery, you’re choosing to be ill. This is your Defining Moment! Please choose health!

Though emphasizing drug addiction, it is the approach is for those recovering from any addiction because:

  • The process of addiction and recovery is similar for all addictions.
  • Most addicts deal with two or more addictions. Recovery from all of them is best done at the same time, showing your total commitment to recovery.

Though recovery is similar for all addictions, there are some behavioral differences that may arise when recovering from individual addictions, such as:

  • An anorexic’s voice saying, “You’re fat.”
  • Intense shame for a female sex addict.
  • The constant need to “look good” for someone who is a codependent partner.
  • Physical damage from consumed substances.
  • Food addicts who are overweight.
  • Reward-seeking for the success and fame addict.

By understanding exactly what recovery is, it’s more likely you will embrace it. Recovery isn’t a one-time event. There are some addictions in which you can’t be totally abstinent from, such as food for the food addict and shopping for the shopaholic. Therefore, recover is a lifelong process of observing your behavior while adapting and moving toward a more positive and healthier lifestyle. To succeed, you’ll need to change some of your beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors. You are intelligent; you just need to learn about the tools and strategies for successful recovery. In recovery, you’ll learn to be happier and healthier. Not entering recovery is a decision to walk the path of self-destruction. Make a commitment to do whatever it takes. This will make it much easier to live your best life, for the rest of your life.

Taking Action

At a basic level, there are two things you need to do:

  • Choose to be abstinent or abuse. Consult your MD before you stop using physically addictive drugs.
  • Your body will naturally detoxify from drugs and sugar, but work with your medical doctor to ensure no damage is done to your body during the detox process.
  • Connect with yourself, others, and The Source.
    • Yourself: Connect with your thoughts, emotions and sensations, needs, motivations, and goals.
    • Others: Find supportive, knowledgeable, and objective people.
    • The Source: Find a spiritual guide or participate in a spiritual or religious practice.

It’s frustrating and even overwhelming to start a new life journey without knowing the rules. Don’t Allow Yourself to Get Overwhelmed! Start by taking a few deep breaths and honestly acknowledging your current situation. YOU NEED TO CHANGE!

To do this, you’ll have many tasks ahead of you, but you have the rest of your life to work on them, one day at a time, or even one minute at a time. Recovery will move you forward and help you to create new life goals. The key is to do whatever it takes to get started and to keep moving until you are successful.

The pilot of an airplane must go full throttle to get the plane off the ground. Once the plane is flying, the power can be reduced and the plane will stay in the air. It may take a major effort to get your recovery off of the ground, but once you’ve leveled off, it will be easier. In addition, your life will start to change in many positive ways.

Take a desirable action right now, this very moment, because action breaks up the negative emotions that keep you stuck, unhappy, and in your addiction.

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Recovery Coach Tom Rohrer – Tips To Avoid Addiction

You can’t control who your parents are, the choices they made or the community you grew up in, but you are not powerless. Here are some tips to avoid addiction.

Thriving Beyond Addiction is a great tool in fighting addiction. Visit us here www.thrivingbeyondaddiction.com/sample-page/healthy-living and find out more about this book.

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Recovery Coach Tom Rohrer – Steps to Stop Drug Addiction Before it Starts

Certain people are much more susceptible to addiction, as factors such as genetics or environmental issues can make substance abuse much more likely. Here are some tips on how to stop addiction before it even starts.

Are you ready to learn more about addiction? Read my book www.thrivingbeyondaddiction.com

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Recovery Coach Tom Rohrer – Overcoming Drug Addiction

When you’re struggling with drug addiction, sobriety can seem like an impossible goal. But with the help of a Recovery Coach, recovery is never out of reach.

Recover fast with the help of a Recovery Coach. Call me now at 925-595-6433

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Recovery Coach Tom Rohrer – Inspirational Quotes To Help You Through Tough Times

Change isn’t easy, and that’s why so many people are paralyzed living lives that don’t fit them anymore. Watch this video for tips to help you through the tough times that can come up in life.

I’m here to help you stay motivated, inspired and hopeful during difficult transitional periods in your life. Call me at 925-595-6433

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Recovery Coach Tom Rohrer – 5 Helpful Tips for Drug Addiction Recovery

Recovering from drug addiction is no easy process, and many addicts find that seeking tried-and-tested tips can be a great way to keep themselves on the right path, so in that spirit here is a video that gives you some tips for your addiction treatment.

If you’re ready to take the first step in changing your life for the better, call me now 925-595-6433

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Recovery Coach Tom Rohrer – Helpful Tips For Drug Addiction Recovery

Are you suffering from drug addiction and want to recover? Watch this video and learn some tips that will surely help you in your recovery period.

I’m here to help you recover from drug addiction. Call me now for a free consultation 925-595-6433. Or visit my website http://thrivingbeyondaddiction.com/ to avail my book about recovery.

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Recovery Coach Tom Rohrer – How to Remind Yourself You Are Important

Always treat yourself important. How you treat others will start on how you treat yourself. Tom Rohrer can help you know how important you are with these few reminders.,

Let me help you remind how important yourself is. Call me now for a free consultation 925-595-6433 or visit our website for more information www.thrivingbeyondaddiction.com

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Recovery Coach Tom Rohrer – Holistic Ways to Fight Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is all too common. Rehab — typically inpatient treatment at a special facility designed to treat addicts — is needed when substance abuse has reached the point of physical and psychological dependence. Tom Rohrer, your Recovery Coach will help you fight drug addiction.

Tom Rohrer has personally and professionally experienced how we are the main obstacle to our own goals and dreams. Call me now for a free consultation 925-595-6433

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