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Recovery Structure

Live within the recovery structure that you have chosen, built, and maintained.

Look at your life daily and add things you need for your recovery; subtract the things you don’t. Even if it doesn’t feel right in the beginning, do it anyway, because it’s the best thing for you.

Your personal structure will highly influence the ease of achieving and keeping your recovery.

Structure is crucial to recovery; it provides you with the constant reminders necessary to stay focused on your recovery rather than allowing you to go on autopilot and mindlessly respond to whatever comes along, such as the environmental cues that trigger your cravings. You will need to develop a personal structure that will set you up to be successful. Every day (or maybe every hour), have a healthy place to go, supportive people to see, and desirable things to do. Use your reminders to stay focused and move forward. Most successful recovering people started their recovery within the structure of an established program.

The need for extensive structure will continue for many months or even years into your recovery. If you are in a treatment program, as it approaches its end, start preparing to leave that structure and join another program and/or develop your own structure.

Consider: “In my experience, you don’t want… inadequate structure or to use your structure inconsistently.”

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