The goal of coaching is to increase your happiness, health, and success.

Thriving Beyond Addiction1


Life, Performance, and Relationship: each important and improvable . . .

Life Coaching: In life coaching we focus on  moving forward to creating your goals and realizing your dreams. Our focus will be on creating your goals, while keeping balanced and healthy lifestyle habits. 

Performance Coaching: We will uncover your mental, emotional and psychological obstacles develop your best personal structure and the strategies and tools for developing your optimum performance abilities.

Relationship Coaching: With relationship coaching, the relationship is the client. Whether a romantic relationship or a friendship, communication is key. Once people are talking it will become clearer what the real issues are, each person’s goals for the relationship and how motivated each party is to make the relationship work. If the relationship the members will benefit and help each other weather the storms of life.

Thriving Beyond Addiction


Thriving Beyond Addiction

No matter where you are in your recovery, learning and using the Thriving Beyond Addiction tools and strategies will help you thrive! 

Weekly Format: Presentation, discussion, and practice!


Week One: Thriving beyond Addiction Model, Setting Yourself up For Success
Week Two: Recovering Intelligence, Spiritual Awakening, Nutrition
Week Three: Your Recovering Future, Raising Happiness  
Week Four: Relapse Prevention, Recovery Planning

Cost: $40 Per Session ~ $120 For the Series (Prepaid)

Coach Group
No matter how scared, lost, or stuck you feel, you can grow your recovery from any substance or behavioral addictions!

Weekly Format: Participant’s check-in, learn recovery knowledge & skills, discuss topics and set goals!

Topics Include: Thriving In Recovery; Recovering Intelligence Nutritional; Recovery Personal Boundaries; Life Skills; Raising Happiness; Relapse Prevention; Spiritual Awakening; and Stress Reduction.


Cost: $40 Per Session ~ $120 Monthly (Prepaid) ~ $240 Three Months (Prepaid)

Thriving Beyond Addiction1

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Thriving Beyond Addiction1